• How do you Keep your Kiosks Clean?

    Safety and cleanliness in the COVID-19 age are pressing issues for micro market operators. Consumers hesitate to interact with high-touch public areas like kiosks. Our team considered solutions to this problem and styluses were the natural answer. Styluses are intuitive, they work with touchscreens, and they attach easily to kiosks.

  • Publishing Our Annual Micro Market Theft Report

    The average Micro Market, estimated to do about $66,000 in sales annually loses 4% of their sales to theft, which equates to about $2,600 lost each year in each market on average. This number adds up over time. For example, one of the markets analyzed in this report is 5 years old with an estimated 4% theft rate and $70,000 in sales annually; they have thus lost ~$14,000 to theft...
  • The Panoptyc Story

    Micro Market operators ask me all the time, “Mac, how did you get into this?” By “this”, they typically mean Panoptyc detecting theft and operational efficiency opportunities in micro markets/unattended retail using smart cameras and artificial intelligence tools.
  • Who is Minding Your Micro Markets Right Now?

    With the reduction in on-premise workforce due to the pandemic, some operators have concerns that their markets aren’t being tended to as much as they were pre-COVID-19.  We share how operators can change this improve market monitoring during and Post-COVID-19.
  • Panoptyc Featured In Planet Vending

    Panoptyc was featured several months ago in Planet Vending, one of the leading publications for the Micro Market and Vending industry. We are grateful that the best in the industry are taking notice of Panoptyc's market-leading surveillance technology.